What does Nubiatech, Inc. do?

Nubiatech, Inc. is a provider of IT staffing services, Computer Repair and Upgrade services for Desktops, Laptops, iPads, Macs, Servers, Virus Removal, and System Tune Ups.

   What service areas does Nubiatech, Inc. cover?

Nubiatech, Inc. serves Chicago and its surrounding suburbs as well as NW Indiana.

   Why should I outsource my IT staffing, Repair and Computer Maintenance functions to Nubiatech, Inc.?

When you outsource these functions, which are usually conducted in-house by other companies, you relieve yourself of the burden of maintaining and/or repairing your computer systems. With more time to focus on your business, you can streamline your operations, hire less people and be more efficient. Ultimately, your company will be more productive.

   Are Nubiatech, Inc. services affordable?

Absolutely. We provide affordable rates for home and office computer repairs. We also provide cost-effective systems installation and other IT services.

   What if I have a computer issue in the middle of the night, can I still contact Nubiatech, Inc.?

Yes. Our services are available 24/7. Please contact us at 866-897-4033.

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